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For all those incredible GOALS that businesses dream of achieving SOME DAY but don't know HOW and WHEN, or even IF....


Grow from SMB to MNC

Improve profitability and cash flow: really!

Learn and continuously improve as a team

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Create hotcake Products and Services

Attract and retain the best  talent

Build winning partnerships and alliances

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Grow sales exponentially

Vastly improve team motivation and energy

Create clear growth paths for org and individual

Enter completely new segments

Create leaders for succession and growth

Actually transform your business with high tech!

ASPIREKEN is a scientific methodology to achieve the most challenging, incredible and even improbable Goals, reliably!


(and does NOT work):


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Visioning and Validation of Goals

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Desired State detailing and description

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Current State: objective assessment

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Recognition of Constraints and Advantages

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Practical and feasible Roadmaps

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Execution as per Natural timelines and capacity

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Iterative, flexible and heuristic process

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Clear, transparent and logical 

How ASPIREKEN does NOT work

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Short cuts, quick fixes

red X.JPG

Magic formulae, silver bullets

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Artificial and unsustainable methods

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Speculation, chance and luck

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Unrealistic commitments and promises

red X.JPG

Unrealistic timeframes

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Rigid and inflexible

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Unclear and complicated

ASPIREKEN is Simple Progressions for Incredible Results in Every Kind of Endeavour, Naturally (a recursive acronym): the name itself explains the methodology.

Do YOU have an Incredible GOAL? What is it?


We may not seriously pursue Incredible Goals for many reasons, such as lack of belief, clarity, knowledge or skill.


But, irrespective of the domain you operate in, all these can be acquired with the systematic, planned and scientific methodology offered by ASPIREKEN.

Archimedes: "Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth"


Can ASPIREKEN be applied to everyday ordinary Goals?

Of course! But the real power and value of ASPIREKEN lies in the achievement of Incredible Goals.

Can ASPIREKEN be applied to non-business Goals, like individual and non-profit Goals?

Of course! Visit our BLOG or contact us! We can help you meet your incredible Goals whether, professional, academic, passion-driven, self actualization, or relationship based.



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Jayaram Krishnan
Founder and CEO

Jayaram Krishnan (JK) has been a mentor, advisor and consultant to organizations from startups to mature businesses. Earlier, JK was a successful entrepreneur who founded a startup and exited it profitably, after growing it organically to a leading marketing services business, with large MNC clients, over 100 regular employees and presence across India.  JK has also mentored hundreds of individuals, over the last 3 decades. At the start of his career he worked with HCL and IBM. His other interests are wildlife, fitness, art and music. JK has a BE from Osmania University, Hyderabad, and a PGDM from IIM Bangalore.

Rajeev Kamadod
Tech Advisor & Co-Founder

Rajeev is CTO of Kentropy Technologies, and has 30 years of experience in software research, architecture, design and development. He has worked in distributed workflow, content management, video streaming, data mining, knowledge management, neural networks, machine learning and deep learning. Rajeev is a proponent of open source, cloud technologies, REST, web services, search, WFMC, state machines and process engines. He is a domain expert in healthcare research, project finance, treasury management, accounting applications, knowledge management, e-governance and self service applications. His other passions include sports and music. Rajeev has a BTech from IIT Madras, and a PGDM from IIM Bangalore.

Alok Kumar

Alok has close to 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resources, working with various start-ups, social enterprises and MNCs. He has led the HR function for some of the most innovative and successful companies, including Kestone, a marketing services company, redBus - an online bus ticketing platform, and The Media Ant - an ad-tech start-up. Additionally, he led the HR function for Johnson & Johnson's Technology Division.

In 2016, Alok co-founded a HR tech start-up that prioritised recruitment process efficiency and culture-fit prediction. The company was later acqui-hired.

He consults and advises Founders and CEOs on people, culture and leadership concerns.

Having a BA in Political Science from Delhi University, and an MBA from ICFAI Bangalore, Alok is a fitness enthusiast who is passionate about music and art.

Shakti Kalyan Badu

Shakti is a customer and partner success professional with 20 years of experience with both bootstrapped and funded startups, and large MNCs. He has been a consultant to small and medium businesses from around the world, helping them with customer and partner success, digital transformation, new product/service launch, market expansion, revenue growth, and operational efficiency using his transferable experience. Prior to this Shakti has also been an entrepreneur building a recruitment tech product enabling organizations, hire the right fit candidates. He has a keen interest in enabling technology and digital transformation for small and medium businesses impacting their goals. He has a BE from National Institute of Science & technology, Odisha, and a MBA from ICFAI, Bangalore.



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