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YOUR Goals and OUR Roadmap: Connecting the dots



ASPIREKEN was launched a couple of months ago (early April 2023) as a scientific methodology for goal achievement, to be used by individuals, teams and organizations. Since then we have published a blog article every week to complement our small website, to inform you of our approach, methodology and philosophy. In this 10th blog article, we discuss the roadmap going ahead, the actual free or paid services that you can avail of in the near future to achieve YOUR most challenging goals, and the ways in which you can collaborate to be a part of the ASPIREKEN project, or just observe our ongoing evolution!


ASPIREKEN is designed and continues to evolve as a scientific methodology to help people in any domain of activity, to achieve challenging goals by using clear and simple methods, in synch with their natural abilities, limitations and the environment in which they operate. Hence, the name itself: ASPIREKEN is Simple Progressions for Incredible Results in Every Kind of Endeavor, Naturally (it also happens to be a recursive acronym).

But how does this matter to YOU as a person who may be pursuing various personal or professional goals? Or, as a leader, teacher, colleague or parent of person(s) pursuing such goals? How will ASPIREKEN help you at all, and why should you be interested in it?

Hopefully, we shall provide some clarity on the above questions when we tell you a little about our roadmap for the near and long term future. Yes, ASPIREKEN is indeed using ASPIREKEN methodology for its own evolution (a recursive project? :D ...but, we digress!).

Roadmap of ASPIREKEN

ASPIREKEN is, or shall be available to individuals and organizations desiring to achieve challenging goals, in three ways:

  • As Consulting (currently available)

  • Through Certified Implementers (rough timelines below)

  • As a self service tech app on the web (to be developed)

Consulting for organizations and individuals

Currently, services of ASPIREKEN are being provided to a few mid-sized businesses based in India (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata), in industries including IT services, chemicals, leather products, health and fitness, clean energy, education and digital marketing. These services are provided by one to one personal consulting from people who have been working on the ASPIREKEN methodology since inception and are the first ASPIREKEN certified implementers. The goals being pursued by businesses are broadly in the areas of business growth, geographic expansion, new product or service diversification, brand building, team and leadership building and evolution of organization identity. Several individuals and a few non-profit organizations are also receiving free services for their own goal achievement pursuits.

Implementation Certification and Partnerships

Within six months, we shall launch ASPIREKEN implementation certification which would empower any leader, coach, mentor, teacher, trainer or consultant to learn our methods, embed them in their services, and thus help individuals and organizations to achieve their goals. Furthermore, within ten months, we shall have in place a growing network of training franchisee organizations, to train implementers across geographies, to scale up our reach for certifying Implementer Partners.

ASPIREKEN on Web and Mobile

We are in the process of designing and developing software applications for ASPIREKEN processes to run on the internet for two main purposes:

  1. To assist the workflow of operations of goal achievement projects by Certified Implementers helping their clients

  2. To assist end user clients to apply the ASPIREKEN methodology to their own goal achievement pursuits in a self service mode

We expect to launch 1. by the time that our implementation certification trainee franchisee services start to grow. For 2. we are yet to specify a timeline, based on various considerations.

Engaging with ASPIREKEN as Client, Partner or anyone else

As a Client

If you feel that ASPIREKEN services can be helpful to you to achieve your goals, as an individual or a leader (or member) of an organization, please contact us by filling our website form or emailing us at We would be glad to have a preliminary chat, absolutely free, and shall keep any information you share with us, completely confidential.

As a Partner

  • You could potentially be an ASPIREKEN Implementer who receives our knowledge and methodology to supplement your existing expertise in any domain, to help your clients to achieve their goals.

  • Or, you could potentially be a collaborator who helps evolve the ASPIREKEN methodology further, by sharing with us, your knowledge and expertise either in specific domains or expertise, or in the general area of evolving our services further.

  • Or, you could be BOTH the above! In any case, we would love to hear from you, so please contact us by filling our website form or emailing us at

As anyone else

One way that you may benefit is by subscribing to our blog. So far, our main outreach to the external world in our brief existence of two months has been through a series of blog articles on different aspects of the goal achievement journey. We have published nine weekly short articles, every Tuesday forenoon (India time), meant for non-technical reading. The roadmap for our blog includes the following types of articles:

  • Preparation, planning and behavioral changes which can help counter the inevitable challenges on the journey to goal achievement – nine articles published, more to come

  • ASPIREKEN methodology approach, how it is similar to, and different from methods like executive and life coaching, mentoring, skill training and learning by association with leaders (coming in future blog articles)

  • ASPIREKEN methodology tools, how they are similar to, and different from existing tools like Objectives and Key Results (OKR), Franklin Covey 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX), Theory of Constraints (TOC), Quality Function Deployment (QFD) …(coming in future blog articles).

  • Case studies of successful implementations and how they turned out differently than they may have if the ASPIREKEN approach had not been employed (coming in future blog articles).

ASPIREKEN is poised to evolve, expand and help many individuals and organizations to achieve goals which they may currently consider unattainable. To be part of this exciting journey, connect with us and please share any feedback or thoughts that you have. Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you!

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